Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another take on the Kali’s Teeth Bracelet

Perhaps you have read Silvia-Mckenzie Navah’s description of our play with with a Kali’s Teeth Bracelet (KTB), and if you haven’t you really should.  I included a brief description from my side in the comments there, and wanted to expand on it here.

I was quite faithful to my ex-wife during the period of our “sexless marriage”.  While I now consider that a mistake (that is, had I sought sex elsewhere it might have preserved the marriage), it lead me to quite an active fantasy sex life.  It was during this period that I first went to an adult book store and started to learn about the wide variety of non-vanilla sexual activities, kinks, and fetishes out there.  I found I really enjoyed BDSM magazines and the activities they depicted (in picture and in story).  Now this was WAY before the Internet and so these magazines were pretty much the only source of information one could find.  In one of those magazines was a story in which a dominant used a Kali’s Teeth Bracelet to keep her submissive cruelly in chastity.  I think I came pretty much just from reading the story.  Not that I could really say why.  I’m not submissive in life, nor had I played with being submissive in the bedroom, yet there was something so hot both about a guy submitting that thoroughly to a woman and even hotter about just playing with such a seemingly medieval torture device as the KTB.  Sadly, I could not keep such material around the house and the magazine and story are long gone.

Silvia-Mckenzie didn’t know about my youthful KTB fantasies when she ordered one for us to play with, but once I found out I was both ecstatic and nervous.  I really wanted to try it, but was nervous I would wimp-out on wearing it for any length of time.  It is in fact far more than a chastity device, it is a true torture device.  In the end I was determined that Kali would not defeat me easily.  We had to milk the KTB for all the fun we could!  But I must admit I was further emboldened by “The Angel’s” apparent belief that I, and Silvia, would wimp out.  So the key to remove the KTB was locked in the car while we were at dinner, and I wore the KTB for 5 hours without asking for it to be removed.  Indeed, it was only removed when Silvia was ready for other games to be played!

Now you may ask why I would allow my precious body part to be placed in a medieval-like  chastity/torture device even for an instant, and I could give you a number of answers.  Curiosity, and my own fantasies, certainly played an enormous role.  But there is something much more important at play.  I knew it would turn my partner on, and not just a little.  Read Silvia’s own description of the event and you’ll get some idea.  Her reaction was simply amazing, and worth every bit of pain, discomfort, fear, and everything else I experienced.  I’d wear it again in a heartbeat to bring her that much pleasure!

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